The Best Clothing Shops In Shibuya

Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most vibrant districts, renowned as a hub of youth culture and fashion. In this blog, we will introduce the best clothing shops in Shibuya. For those seeking cutting-edge designs and refined styles, this area is an absolute must-visit.



FREAK’S STORE Shibuya is a select shop that carries simple and fashionable items based on American casual style. They offer trendy clothes, accessories, and shoes. From unique to basic items, they cater to a wide range of styles.

Address: 1-13-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: 03-6415-7728
Opening hours: [Weekdays] 12:00-20:00 [Weekends and Holidays] 12:00-20:30


TOMORROWLAND Shibuya Main Store is a stylish select shop that offers high-quality, sophisticated fashion items. They carry items that incorporate trends while retaining classic elements. The shop carries a wide range of items, including clothes, bags, and accessories, and can help you create an elegant, mature style.

Address: 5-24-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: 03-5774-1711
Opening hours: 11:30-20:00


STUDIOUS TOKYO Jinnan Store is a popular select shop that espouses the philosophy of “From JAPAN to the WORLD”. They feature items with simple, minimal designs and offer a wide range of sophisticated casual wear and items that match elegant styles. They have a wide range of high-sensitivity TOKYO brand items and high-quality private brand items made in Japan.

Address: 1-5-19 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: 03-6277-5582
Opening hours: 12:00-20:00

UNITED ARROWS Shibuya Scramble Square

UNITED ARROWS Shibuya Scramble Square Store is a select shop that offers elegant, sophisticated adult fashion items. They carry stylish items that incorporate classic elements and the latest fashion trends. In addition to men’s and women’s clothes, bags, and shoes, they also have a wide range of high-quality, unique interior items and miscellaneous goods.

Address: Shibuya Scramble Square 8F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: 03-5774-1030
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00


MIDWEST TOKYO is a select shop that carries high-sensitivity designer brands. They carry brands from both inside and outside Japan, including Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Sacai, and Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh, and also have their own original brands. The “Mid by Midwest” line is known for its high-quality, fashionable designs that work well with other select brands.

Address: 1-6-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: 03-5428-3171
Opening hours: (Mon-Sat) 12:00-20:00 (Sun/Holiday) 11:00-19:00


WARE-mo-KOU is a shop that offers unique fashion items that combine Japanese and Western elements. The clothing and accessories, which combine unique designs and traditional Japanese elements, are distinctive. You can enjoy a modern style with a Japanese aesthetic sense.

Address: Jinnan Bldg 4F・B1F, 1-17-4 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone numbers: [B1] 03-6452-5530 [4F] 03-6455-3651
Opening hours: 11:30-21:00 No Holidays


GARDEN is a select shop that stands out for its unique stance, composed entirely of Japanese brands, without any original products and never holding sales. As the flagship store for brands such as CRIMIE, CHORD NUMBER EIGHT, and MSML, it offers a rich selection of items that evoke an adult allure.

Address: 1-17-4 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-3770-5002
Opening hours: 11:30 – 21:00

sacai Shibuya Scramble Square

sacai Shibuya Scramble Square is a brand launched by Chitose Abe, who experienced knit patterning at Comme Des Garçons. It’s known for its refined designs and unique approach. Characterized by innovative designs and combinations of different materials, it offers items that transcend the boundaries of fashion. From clothing, bags, shoes, you can enjoy a modern, sophisticated style.

Address: 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Shibuya Scramble Square 3F
Phone number: 03-6712-6683
Opening hours:


ISSEY MIYAKE SHIBUYA is a shop with attractive modern and innovative designs. It features items made with flowing silhouettes and special materials. Clothing, bags, accessories, etc., are abundantly available for those pursuing a unique style.

Address: 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Shibuya Parco 2F
Phone number: 03-5422-3540

オーマイグラス東京 渋谷公園通り店 | Oh My Glasses TOKYO – Shibuya

“Oh My Glasses TOKYO” offers an array of high quality frames and sunglasses you won’t find elsewhere.

Original brands “Oh My Glasses TOKYO” and ”TYPE” are made in Sabae City dominates the eyeglass frame market in Japan.

They also have popular brands such as TOM FORD, Yohji Yamamoto,Oliver Peoples and VIKTOR & ROLF, so you can be sure you will find a glasses that suit you best.

Comprehensive optical services including eye exams and Nikon, HOYA, and Tokai Optical lenses for a reasonable price.

Oh My Glasses TOKYO – Shibuya Shop
Address: 4F Jinnankogyo building, 1-20-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, 150-0041 Tokyo, Japan
Opening hours: AM 11:00 – PM 8:00
Transport: 5-minute on foot from JR Shibuya Station
English-Speaking OK

Onitsuka Tiger Shibuya

Onitsuka Tiger is a leading shoe brand from Japan. This shop offers sporty and casual sneakers. Characterized by their traditional form and thin soles, they offer a comfortable fit and a stylish design. The shop carries a variety of sneakers, clothes, and hats in various colors and designs.

Address: 1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Shibuya Jinnan Kyodo Building 1st and 2nd floor
Phone number: 03-3464-9040
Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00

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